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A Slow Start

Still continuing on with my reread of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. On the fourth, I finished reading Lover Mine. I love Xhex as a character. She is so much more fleshed out, unlike the other shellans. They have some personality, but there isn’t the depth there like there is with Xhex. I really liked …

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New Book Boyfriends

I feel like I had a really good year of reading and enjoyed most of what I read. I actually read 58 books, but those missing ones I just didn’t record on GoodReads (ie, all the smut). If you want to check those out, look at my monthly book posts. So, what was notable about …

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Queen of the Vampires

In December, I continued on with my #fangsgiving reread of the Black Dagger Brotherhood with my friend, Annette. Lover Enshrined is the sixth book in the series. I started it on the first of the month and finished it on the fifth. The first time I read this one I got really bogged down in …

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So, what did I read in November? Well, I carried Tangled Webs over from my spooky reading plans in October. I buddy-read this with my friend, Annette. I finished this just a few days into the month. I really enjoyed it and I think it was the perfect thing for October. I enjoyed being back …

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Spooky Book Season

As I alluded to in my last book post, I had picked out a few books to read during the month of October that had a perfectly spooky vibe. There are, of course, a ton of books that would easily fit that bill. For example, The Downside Ghosts series I’ve previously mentioned is great. Anne …

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Tu Reviens

I was still reading the last of my Black Jewels series at the end of August and finished it a few days into September. This book is made up of four short stories. The first story about how the weaver was given powers from the dragon was really good. The story about how Lucivar met …

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