Water for Elephants

First Book of Summer

I’m starting to settle in a bit to life after school. Still no sign of when I can get my certification exam scheduled, but that will happen sooner or later. I picked up my first book for the summer, a book that I bought as a reward for passing my recent certification exam, along with …

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Summer Reading

I am looking forward to a time in the not-so-distant future, when school is out for-evah and I can relax into my late spring and early summer indulgence of reading for pleasure. During this last class I’ve been hard-pressed to do any reading that is not related to school, in fact I haven’t been inclined …

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Welcoming in the New Year

I can hardly believe it’s a new year. I’m not entirely sure what happened to 2009, but there you have it. I took off work from the 23rd through the 1st, which was heavenly. Eric and I took a break from the gym and I got a break from work and school. I can’t begin …

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One Vacant Chair

The Art of the Chair

I know I’ve mentioned before that I attend a book club at one of the local art museums. What I love about the program is that the books often are selected based on having some tie to art and particularly to the current exhibition. A couple of years ago, we read the book One Vacant …

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Ok, so I’ve been thinking lately (never a good thing, probably). In my mental wanderings two things have come to my attention. 1) I cannot stand misspellings (typos we all make, granted) and 2) I need to be selective in what I choose to read. So, as far as the misspellings go, Blue-Eyed Bride already …

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Upcoming Adventure

So we’ll be heading off soon for beachier climates (I won’t say warmer, because really 100+ is warm enough, thank you very much). I’ve been trying to get myself organized and ready to go, taking care of all the essentials. Hotel reservations at what promises to be a fabulous place to stayA Cuban restaurant that …

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