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Eric’s Cassata Cake

I’ve talked before about the cassata cake that I make for Eric that took a good bit of trial and error before I finally hit on something that was pretty close to the cake he remembered that his grandmother used to get at the Italian bakery in Florida. But, when I was making it for […]

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Our Favorite Fruitcake

Back in 2019, Eric suggested I make a fruitcake for our annual Cocktails & Dessert party. I’ll be honest, I was hesitant. As all the fruitcake-related jokes ran through my head, I decided that like with anything, we could make it our own. We found a recipe and gave it a shot. And guess what?

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Summertime Smoothies

For years I used to start my day off with a smoothie.  It typically consisted of plain Greek yogurt, skim milk, a scoop of protein powder, and frozen fruit (typically blueberries).  I’ve since changed my breakfast routine, but still love having a smoothie as an afternoon pick me up or as a mid-morning snack when

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Mexican Hot Chocolate

Every winter when it gets chilly outside (and I admit, sometimes in Texas when it’s winter but nowhere near chilly), Eric and I have one of our favorite things – Mexican hot chocolate.  And every winter, I have friends asking for the recipe, so I thought I’d finally share it here on the blog.  

This tradition for us actually started years ago when Eric’s mom and sister went to Mexico on vacation and brought me back some hot chocolate mix.  They knew I loved my hot chocolate (and at the time I was a staunch non-coffee drinker).  The first mug of that hot chocolate I had was heavenly.  It wasn’t just regular hot chocolate…it was better.  It had a bit of cinnamon in it and also a hint of heat too.  Sooooo good.

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Whiskey Cake

Back at the beginning of April, Eric and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary.  That seems so crazy to type.  It hardly seems possible it has been twelve years.  He brought me two dozen roses, one of the white roses went in our wedding vase and the rest I placed in my milk glass vase (my favorite, it was my mom’s).  And the roses were beautiful.  I just learned last year that the white roses are apparently hard to come by, so he has to special order them every year.  I had no idea!

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