Miss me? I know I’ve been a bit under the technological radar lately. I think it’s a combination of the weather, allergies, work/school and busy-ness that are making me into a bit of a recluse. But, here I am, alive and well and looking forward to another new tv premiere tonight. Guess what it is… …

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Birthday Sandals

9/13/09 – 9/19/09 Went to my parent’s house over the weekend for a co-celebration of mine and my neice’s birthday. We had Oreo cookie pie. More rain this week. And yet another 5k. This one was the Race for the Children in Lewisville. Here’s a photo of the race start at City Hall. Pretty early …

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Contented Little Sips

9/6/09 – 9/12/09 Gathering fat quarters of some 30s Reproduction fabrics for a baby quilt for a friend. Pollo Asada with a fresh tomato salad. New manicure with OPI’s You Ottoware Purple. Love how it matches my ring, don’t you? This guy was outside my office window. Sometimes I have days like this too. Reading …

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Looking Forward to Fall

Now that it’s September, I definitely feel that the transition to fall is upon us. Even though in Texas we are still in the 90s, I can’t deny that the Tuesday after Labor Day always marks that season change for me. My summer white handbag went back into the closet, and I’ve picked a decidedly …

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Hearts and Tarts

8/30/09 – 9/5/09 Eric and I signed up to do the Dallas Heart Walk and when we picked up our t-shirts, they were giving out these cookies from Tart Bakery. That’s a little musical note on the heart – tied in with our t-shirts. I love how this photo came out. I guess I’m better …

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