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April was jam-packed and we had lots going on. But, before I delve into that, my April tarot card was the Queen of Cups reversed. The Queen of Cups reversed is about needing to draw your attention inwards and focus on your emotional well-being. This card suggests that you are emotionally drained because you have […]

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My March tarot card was the Knight of Pentacles reversed (again from the Anima Mundi tarot deck). The message for this month was: Do you need greater self-discipline and commitment to achieve your goals? Instead of trying new things or dreaming up more ideas, the reversed Knight of Pentacles encourages you to establish a schedule

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Revisiting Memories

My February monthly marker shows my monthly tarot card, but this time I pulled it from my Anima Mundi tarot deck. The five of pentacles reversed suggests February is a month for letting go of limiting mindsets, the worry over not having “enough” or not being “enough”. To embrace the easing of difficult times and

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Mouth So Sweet

It’s a new year, new month, new theme for my monthly markers. Last year it was books and this year it’s tarot. And I started off the year with doing my Wheel of the Year spread again. My card for this year’s overview was the Five of Cups (Hearts), which basically is about letting go

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Packages of Goodies

November and December were rough this year. Just so many deadlines and so much I was trying to get done. Tack a migraine on top of that and I felt like I was slogging through mud. The first order of business for the month was getting a start on my holiday baking. Last year we

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Pineapple Is Not Lemon

November started off really rough, and honestly didn’t get much better. I have a huge amount of things I’m trying to get done by the end of the year and so I’m super stressed out and anxious. Add a migraine on top of that and I was struggling. And we are still working on the

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