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5/24/09 – 5/30/09 You can see our yummy grilled pizzas here… Otherwise, a rather slow week in photos. For some reason, this sign at Café Brazil always catches my eye. I think I just like the colors in it. And you may remember my recent Chanel purchase? Well, here is Cosmic Violine on my toes. …

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Cozyegg Designs 20090517

Bizarre Music Stacks

5/17/09 – 5/23/09 Sunday night at dinner, Eric indulged me by making our favorite salad – Caprese – with fresh basil from the garden. Delicious. I’m still kicking myself for not having this in Rome. But at the time I was anti-tomato. What was I thinking?!? I remember buying this little book for Eric the …

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Life Is a Bowl of Cherries

5/10/09 – 5/16/09 I love these zen-like photos that I took over by my dentist’s office. I love the leaves against the texture of the wall. Eric loves cherries, and I thought they were so pretty in a white bowl. Photos from 5/14 can be seen here… And on my way to book club. The …

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Give Me Lemons

5/3/09 – 5/9/09 Just a mishmash of photos this week. I finally bought lemons for my new rooster bowl that Julia bought us for our kitchen window. I love this so much. My neighbor doesn’t do a lot of lawn care, so sometimes I get a little surprise coming through the fence between our yards. …

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Taco Soup Fixings 2


4/26/09 – 5/2/09 I started off the week by making one of my favorite things – Taco Soup. I got this recipe forever ago, I think off a blog, and then Eric and I have modified it to suit our tastes. It’s a great thing to make on Sunday and then have to take for …

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Cozyegg Designs 20090419

Bluebonnet Season

4/19/09 – 4/25/09 This week had some great photos. The first photo of Shiva and Kwan Yin is one of my favorites. After the living room redo, both of these ended up on top of our entertainment center, with my favorite piece of pottery behind them. It’s one of my favorite things to look at …

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