Being Open

July began with a migraine that lasted several days, sadly. We did go over to have dinner with my inlaws the weekend of the 4th, which was nice. An easy dinner of grilling hot dogs, Eric’s delicious baked beans, and this amazing deviled egg potato salad that we discovered. We watched fireworks on tv and …

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Rinse and Repeat

In June, I was transitioning to a new position at work. Still the same manager with the same team, just taking on a team lead role. That was a challenging adjustment. Along with the adjustments with work, I was feeling rather disconnected – here but not here. I am working on getting back to my …

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Changing My Mindset

Time feels so elastic these days. I suppose that’s for obvious reasons (Covid), and that the days tend to blur into one another. I spent the month continuing to indulge my love of reading, continuing to do my Mind-Stilling practice, and starting to look at other habits I wanted to encourage. I read a post …

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In April, my month was heavily influenced by reading A Court of Silver Flames. (My monthly marker photo even shows the three copies I ended up with at one point because two of them arrived heavily damaged. Le sigh.) But, at the beginning of the month, I set some goals for myself that I thought …

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