essential oils

nine bottles of Young Living Vitality Oils on a counter with white subway tile on the wall behind them, citrus fruits and a cutting board

Summertime Smoothies

For years I used to start my day off with a smoothie.  It typically consisted of plain Greek yogurt, skim milk, a scoop of protein powder, and frozen fruit (typically blueberries).  I’ve since changed my breakfast routine, but still love having a smoothie as an afternoon pick me up or as a mid-morning snack when […]

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three bottles of Young Living Essential Oils - Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, and Carrot Seed along with a spray bottle labeled Mermaid Hair

Summer Mixer Make and Take

Summer is the perfect time to pamper your skin and hair after a swim in the pool or margaritas on the patio.  I attended a fun Summer Mixer make & take last summer (oh how I wish this summer was full of friends, fun, and margaritas!) where we made some great DIY items using essential

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If You Like Piña Coladas

My monthly marker for June is a photo of the Eagle Nebula.  I honestly can’t get enough of space photos.  June, of course, marked our third month of staying home during the Covid-19 pandemic.  I continued to only go out for doctor appointments (twice) and otherwise I was at home.  I really miss going out

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Flurry of Productivity

For June I chose Septarian.  I have a Septarian palm stone that I absolutely love.  Also known as Dragon’s Stone, it’s an amazing stone for healers, a phenomenal stone for connecting you with your guides. Septarian expands the waking consciousness of the third eye and crown chakras and enables the throat chakra to assist you

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Luck and Harmony

For my March #monthlymarker I chose Green Aventurine.  Green Aventurine is considered the luckiest stone and is perfect for inviting good luck and prosperity into your life, which seemed appropriate for March. I’ll admit that March was a hard month.  Mercury was in retrograde, our coffee pot died, I had a migraine for several days,

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A Sense of Calm

I have to say that February seemed to be over in a blink of an eye.  It was a good month though, and I was definitely feeling better overall.  For my #monthlymarker for February I decided to stick with my theme of crystals and of course had to choose rose quartz.  What could be more perfect to symbolize love? 

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