The Journey


Swamp Witch

June’s tarot card was The Chariot reversed: a warning you are letting challenges and obstacles get in your way, preventing you from achieving what you set out to do. Refocus your energies on what IS in your control and examine what you can do to align your energy with your goals and follow through. Stromatolite …

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Changing My Mindset

Time feels so elastic these days. I suppose that’s for obvious reasons (Covid), and that the days tend to blur into one another. I spent the month continuing to indulge my love of reading, continuing to do my Mind-Stilling practice, and starting to look at other habits I wanted to encourage. I read a post …

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September brings with it the beginning of my favorite season, and we actually had some stormy, cooler days that actually made it feel like fall had finally arrived.  As I’m typing this though, we’re back to the 90 degree days but I hope they are short-lived.  We are still staying home as much as possible …

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Lemons Into Lemonade

Hard to believe it’s September already and we’re into our seventh month of staying home due to the pandemic.  I am still only venturing out for doctor’s appointments, although I am going to have to brave the post office soon because I have a stack of packages I need to mail.  Things are starting to …

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July marks the fourth month of being at home due to the pandemic.  I still only go out for doctor’s appointments, although with our cases continuing to rise I’m starting to question the wisdom of that even.  I’m really missing being able to go out to a restaurant for dinner and sit and talk and …

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If You Like Piña Coladas

My monthly marker for June is a photo of the Eagle Nebula.  I honestly can’t get enough of space photos.  June, of course, marked our third month of staying home during the Covid-19 pandemic.  I continued to only go out for doctor appointments (twice) and otherwise I was at home.  I really miss going out …

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