5K Recap

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Boy, am I behind on posting! It’s been crazy busy the past few months at work, school and at home. So, here I am now to give you a little update on my most recent 5K. This one took place at the beginning of November, in Plano. One of my walking buddies and I signed up and did this race together, which was great. I didn’t take my camera with me, because that morning I just felt the need to push myself and not be hindered by carrying a bunch of crap.

We had a great start to the race, we decided that we would push ourselves to run portions of the route. So, we’d pick a point to start running and an end point. We ran a bit and then walked a bit. It was working out nicely. After each bout of running, I was able to keep up a good walking pace while still slowing my heart rate back down to an “I’m not able to keel over and die” beat.

The route itself was very nice, and mostly well laid out, as you can see.

route map of the 5k and 10k

Unfortunately, the people in charge decided that having participants wait at an intersection while traffic moved along during a TIMED event, was a good idea. In fact, they must have thought it was a great idea. So, we waited with the nice police officer until we were allowed to go through the intersection. And off we went!

Throughout this entire walk/run I felt pretty good. I kept up a good pace and I didn’t feel like I was going to fall down dead at any moment (unlike the Southlake 5k). My walking buddy and I eventually went at separate paces, but finished within a couple of minutes of each other. I ran the last little bit into the finish line, which I was very proud of. I wanted to make a good showing there at the end!

Even with the whole red-light-traffic-debacle, I still managed to come in at 49:50!

So, I started this whole 5k training thing in June of this year. I participated in my first 5k in August. Here are my times for my 5ks:

McKinney Historical Run: 56:10

Race for the Children 56:03

Jogging for Johnson 51:32

Arbor Day Run 49:50

As you can see, I have taken about 7 minutes off my time, since beginning this journey. And, in the last 5k, I even added a bit of running to the mix. Not too shabby!!

So I am very proud of myself, proud of my accomplishment, and I continue to walk 3 miles every Saturday morning with my walking buddies. I’m hoping that I’ll continue to improve my time and one day maybe I’ll see a finish closer to the 30 minute mark! I’m not currently signed up for another 5k, but I’m keeping the option open. It may be next year before I fit another one in, though.

So, thanks for checking in and I’ll try to get the posts out more often!

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