A Few More Changes & Thanksgiving Decorating

Harmony Kingdom fall fruit basket piece

Over the weekend, I spent some time taking down the Halloween decorations and putting out the Thanksgiving pieces. Above is a photo of one of my Harmony Kingdom pieces. It is sitting on our mantel surrounded by some fall leaves (silk) and pumpkins/gourds.

fall table runner on dining room table with amber glass turkeys

I really don’t have much in the way of decorations for Thanksgiving, but I did also put out my fall table runner, which I believe I purchased from Pier 1 Imports years and years ago. I also set out my amber glass turkeys. These came from Williams Sonoma a few years ago. I just absolutely love them. Eric is not so sure about the turkeys, but I think they’re great. I’d love to have an arrangement of some sort in between them for some height on the table.

entry way with photo from Gettysburg framed on the wall

Also this weekend, we hung one of the photos from our trip to Philadelphia. We chose one of Eric’s photos taken at Gettysburg, specifically from the top of Little Round Top. I love using our travel photos as art in our home. This photo is probably a little too small a scale for the entry, but it works for now. I am considering the entry way finished now.

fireplace and mantel decorated for fall

While I was looking critically at our living room, it ocurred to me that I had never even considered hanging curtains in this room. Once I started thinking about it, I really wanted to do it. I had two panels from my apartment, so I pulled those out. I wasn’t able to match those and get a second set, so we ended up purchasing two new sets of curtains. We also purchased the rods. In my apartment I had brushed chrome rods, with sort of swirly ends. Those weren’t going to work in my Moroccan room, so we went with sort of a bronze-y brown color with what I would call “pineapple” ends. We also bought some tiebacks for the curtains in a deep red. Everything was purchased at Target, and the curtains were on sale! I love the way they look, they are casual, but make the room look so much more finished. They will help with trying to watch a movie during the afternoon too! I think the living room is definitely coming along.

Since I have been basically focusing on the downstairs, I should probably show you the upstairs. Next post I’ll show you the master bedroom and bath. Both rooms are very close to being finished, so they won’t need much attention.

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