A Little Romance

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A few months ago, I decided to do a little mixing it up in the bedroom but for some reason never shared the photos. Although, there was a little peek here with the new curtains I installed in here. Anyway, the Valentine’s Day gift I made for Eric was what prompted me to show you the other changes I’d made in here. First off, I really wanted to get some more height on the accessories on this chest of drawers, but hadn’t really figured out how to do it. Of course, the first thing I did was to add the quilt over the chest, which helped a bit. The next thing I did was to bring up some leather bound books from downstairs and begin scattering them about the room. I love the rich feel they bring. I used two of them to add a little height to my Isis sculpture (Erté). I think the color of the books are perfect in here too.

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I added some to the cabinet as well. The sculptures looked rather lost in the shelf due to its depth, and I think the books really help that. I’d like to fill in the gap in the middle there, but I ran out of books. I have some more in storage that I need to bring home. And then I can make use of those.

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(Those speakers are top on my list to replace…they’ve seen way better days!)

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The gold on the spines really works with the gold on the sculptures (more Erté). I also added a couple of books beneath my Harmony Kingdom pieces to give them a little height too. The Harmony Kingdom boxes I have in our bedroom are all Romance Annual pieces. I wanted this to be a place of romance! (Sorry for the blurry pic)

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And finally, the pièce de résistance, the gift I made for Eric for Valentine’s Day. This is a piece called, My Everything. At the bottom I put our initials and the year. The frame was a ready-made frame from Joanne’s that contained “art”. I cannibalized it and it worked like it was made for this piece – mat and all. Perfection!

My Everything 021509 2

I wanted to hang it on the wall between our bathroom door and the bedroom door, since that wall was looking a bit bare.

My Everything 021509

Already hanging there was the pewter heart that I gave to Eric two years ago for Valentine’s Day.

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I’d love a third piece here, but haven’t landed on the perfect thing. It will come to me. Since taking these photos I’ve also made two additional changes…I added a quilt rack that holds our wedding quilt because I really wanted it out where we could see it and enjoy it. The room is a bit small for that piece, but I’m making it work. I also added a heart-shaped crystal votive holder to my nightstand. It’s a special piece and it had been down in the living room on a bookshelf. When I redid the living room (photos to come), Eric suggested that it move up here. It works perfectly on my nightstand with the other little things I have there – my rosary from Santa Maria Maggiore and the note Eric wrote on our wedding day that came with roses and is now in a frame. I’ll share photos of those two things soon as well. But for now, I feel like our bedroom is looking wonderful. Now on to my next projects – I’m focusing on the office next.

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