A State of Yearning

maps in books with text reading "September"

September started off with a whole lot of trying to get things done and off my plate. I had a backlog of things that had been sitting for a good while. So, I put a concerted effort into dealing with that. My inbox was a hot mess as was my desk. I’ve been thinking a lot about the stagnant energy that kind of stuff creates, so getting things dealt with and put away is a form of energy clearing. Afterwards, I feel more energized and my space does too.

master bedroom, bed with pillows stacked against a headboard, and a gallery wall above

I’ve been thinking a lot, too, about wanting to update our bedroom decor. It’s been basically the same, with a few minor adjustments, for the past fifteen years. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just time for a refresh.

two black cats curled up together

We went over to Eric’s parents’ house for dinner over the Labor Day weekend. We picked up food from Soul Man’s BBQ and the weather was nice enough we could eat outside. It was really good and a nice break from our continued self-isolation at home.

Five of Wands reversed tarot card and three crystals

I’m finding myself in a state of yearning, lately. Yearning for work to ease up, for some challenges I’ve been dealing with to resolve, for fall weather to come, for Halloween, for finishing some projects so that I can move onto other things, for this Covid nonsense to be over, for going out to eat, for getting to see my friends, etc. I’m trying to turn that yearning into gratitude for what I do have, for where things are, and for the progress I have made.

I did get a little package in the mail that brought a smile to my face. Close on the heels of ordering my Night Creature necklace, Bloodmilk opened up orders for their XIII necklace which only happens on Friday the 13th. I decided to take the plunge and order it and around the end of the month, it arrived. I love how it looks with my Night Creature pendant and I’m thrilled to have two Bloodmilk pieces now.

red-haired woman with glasses wearing a XIII pendant and an art nouveau bat pendant

The end of the month definitely started to feel a little more fall-like with some cooler weather and some rainy days (my favorite). I’m looking forward to October.

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