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Cozyegg Designs 20090514

Last week I had a wonderful opportunity. My friend, Jennifer, called and invited me to come to an open house that she was taking part in along with several other artists and interior designers. There were beautiful things to buy as far as the eye could see. Every room was filled with such exquisite treasures. I started outside on the patio and decided I would work my way inside.

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 26

I loved all the tablescapes and they way they combined so many elements.

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 11
Cozyegg Designs 20090514 27

The coverless books tied into bundles with a sprig of rosemary were a favorite of mine.

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 6

I had to cut my time outside short due to a slight mishap. Note to self: do not attempt to use both hands to take photo when one hand is holding wine – you will spill wine all down the front of your blouse and be thoroughly embarrassed for rest of evening. Luckily, I was outside. I did, however, miss the photo I was trying to get which was of a collection of Hands of Fatima. So, pretty. I wish I’d brought one home too, then I wouldn’t be so sad about missing my photo.

Inside the house was filled with more treasures.

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 18

And look at that stunning fireplace with the tile surrounding. I think I need one!

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 9

This home had two of these gorgeous fireplaces. Isn’t the tilework beautiful against that dark wood?

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 10

I loved the colored bottles with the sunlight streaming through them.

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 21

Gorgeous flatware, linens, crystal and art – oh the art! I didn’t take photos of any of it, because I wanted to be respectful of the artists who were there. But there was one woman who did these amazing boxes – like treasure boxes. Some of them were covered in shells and were reminiscent of Sailor’s Valentines or something a mermaid would have. I would love to borrow that idea and make something for myself along those lines. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a treasure chest of your own?

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 12

I loved this beautiful cloche and the table that it’s sitting on belonged to Jennifer (as well as the chair). The table was adjustable and you could move it up and down.

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 13

Some pretty silver pieces with a lovely patina.

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 14

A selection of mercury glass bottles Jennifer had for sale. I loved these.

Cozyegg Designs 20090514 15

It was such a delightful evening, and I’m so thankful to Jennifer for inviting me. I felt like I’d stepped into the pages of a magazine. So many pretty things and so inspiring to look at.

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