Birthday Wishlist

slice of chocolate cake, a coupe glass of champagne, and a bottle of champagne in the background

So here it is, just two weeks until my birthday.  Two weeks, and I’m torn.  I’m trying to do a little risk mitigation in order to avoid some of the horrible shenanigans that occurred on my birthday last year.  So, in order to attempt to have the happiest 40th I could possibly have, I’m trying to plan ahead as much as possible.  When I saw the above photo on Pinterest, not only did I immediately pin it, but I loved the description someone else had added to their pin “This is a foretelling of my birthday”.  So, that’s what I want – what this photo conjures up – champagne, decadent chocolate cake and all the luxury and elegance that a 40th birthday celebration deserves.  No meanness, no forgetting, no anxiety – just beautiful sentiment.  (I borrowed the photo from What Katie Ate’s blog – oh how I wish I’d taken it.)  And can I just please add champagne glasses like these onto my wishlist? I need them!

So when I got to thinking about the things that would make me really happy for my birthday this year, I found that most of what I’d like is intangible – but, in order to do a birthday wishlist post, I’ll try to stick to stuff you can wrap.

At the top of my wish list, is this Chanel polish.  It’s Peridot.  As soon as I got the email announcing their new limited edition colors, I knew I had to have this.  Peridot is my birthstone – and how gorgeous is this color?  Sometimes green, verging on gold.  This is absinthe on my nails gorgeous.  I just hope I can get my hands on some!

bottle of Chanel Peridot nail polish - a gold green shimmer

Another Pinterest find (can you tell where I’ve been wasting spending my time?), this is a five-year journal.  I thought it would be a very cool thing to start on my birthday and then look back at in five years.  Plus, I love the color!

One Line a Day journal aqua with gold text

That’s about it for my birthday wishlist.  Of course, I’m still in dire need of perfume, which I think I’ve blogged about repeatedly.  At some point I will get myself some new perfume!  But, when I started thinking about my life, and what would make me happy on my birthday – the list got very short.  I want the day to be special.  I want cake.  I want champagne.  I want to enjoy my day.  That’s pretty much it.  All the rest is, well…cake.

Although, my wish list could have looked something like this…

home office set up with Apple Macbook. iPad, and so on

I’m daring to hope, just a little, that my birthday may actually be one that will only result in tears of the happy kind and may be a day I can look back on with only good feelings.

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  1. Best wishes Michelle for a happy day. I understand how you feel and I think my birthday will involve a plan of me…in a lovely cabin in the woods yet close to the beach with a nice tapas dinner and sangria and a red wine and chocolate cake nightcap. I am making my own destiny…or birthday plans…whatever. 🙂

    I do love those champagne glasses though. If you find a lead, let me know. I love old fashioned glasses.

    I’ve learned that it’s hard to depend on other people to make you happy esp around your birthday and it’s sometimes best to set the plans and if the people around you surprise you with smiles and thoughtfulness…that’s all icing on the cake. Or ice cream. You know what I mean.

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