Bizarre Music Stacks

5/17/09 – 5/23/09

Sunday night at dinner, Eric indulged me by making our favorite salad – Caprese – with fresh basil from the garden. Delicious. I’m still kicking myself for not having this in Rome. But at the time I was anti-tomato. What was I thinking?!?

Cozyegg Designs 20090517

I remember buying this little book for Eric the year we got married, for Valentine’s Day I think. I thought it was appropriate since we were going to Rome for our honeymoon.

Cozyegg Designs 20090518

As often as I can (due to school), I like to meet my girlfriends at Barnes & Noble one night during the week to visit and stitch. This week it was just Sylvia and I. I always enjoy her company and as you can see, I brought along the Adam & Eve I am working on.

Cozyegg Designs 20090521

I’ve been trying to keep my two blogs separate, but occasionally I suppose they will overlap. Particularly in the case of the 365 photo project, I’m bound to have many of them be of my hobbies. This week, that’s happened a couple times – the photo above, and now this one.

I sent this piece out to be professionally finished, and I just got it back. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. But, I especially love the hand-painted hanger I purchased for it.

Cozyegg Designs 20090522 6

Eric and I decided that now that our leak in the ceiling was fixed in the media room, it was time to put the cd towers back where they go. That room is usually a disaster area, since it’s kind of a catch-all room, but the least we can do is move the big pieces back where they go. Of course, moving one of these massive cd towers involves first removing all the cds from it. I attempted to keep all the cds in alphabetical order, even when they were stacked up on the floor.

Cozyegg Designs 20090522 21

I find it endlessly entertaining to look through Eric’s portion of this collection. He has some bizarre stuff!

Cozyegg Designs 20090522 22

We did manage to get the towers back in their correct places, and move all the stuff out of the middle of the room. What a project this was though!! One of these days, I’ll get this room cleaned out and I’ll share a before and after photo.

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