Black & White

Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 71 by Motherwell - broad black stripes and ovals against a white background

Although the black and white trend seems to be prevalent in fashion right now, at least in my locale, the graphic beauty of its contrast is always in style. The painting above is Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 71 by Motherwell. This was painted in the 1950s, and it is still just as compelling today.

dark wood cabinet against a pale lavender wall with black and white framed photos and a zebra print rug on the floor

I’ve also been looking a lot at what I refer to as “Plantation Style”, which I will probably discuss in a future post. Hemingway, of course crops up a lot in any reference to that sort of tropical British Colonial style. When I came across this photo on The Nest, I fell in love. I love the dark wood and zebra rug, but the pairing they’ve made with the lavender walls is really interesting. Hemingway’s African adventures are drawn to mind with the rug too. I like the use of the black and white photos as well.

black glass chandelier

Another newer trend I’ve seen in interiors would be this Murano glass chandelier found here. I love the Gothic look of it. Just an amazingly dramatic piece. And Murano glass is magnificent in any color.

I won’t spend time picking out specific clothing examples of the black and white trend, as you can see them anywhere. But, here are two beautiful examples of accessories.

clear vinyl tote with black flower silhouettes on it and white trim

The Kate Spade Hugo Poppy Griffen tote has a bold graphic look. It would be perfect for toting around books or something not-too-personal as the clear pvc might give your secrets away! The bag comes with a variety of piping colors, this one being Snow.

white bangle bracelet with the words Please knock etched on it in black

And finally, this beautiful bracelet by Jessica Kagan Cushman. She uses the ancient tradition of scrimshaw to create these pieces with sayings and quotes. The script lettering gives it a daintier look, but the use of black and white really makes it striking.

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