Bluebonnet Season

4/19/09 – 4/25/09

This week had some great photos. The first photo of Shiva and Kwan Yin is one of my favorites. After the living room redo, both of these ended up on top of our entertainment center, with my favorite piece of pottery behind them. It’s one of my favorite things to look at in the room.

Cozyegg Designs 20090419

Monday night I headed to class at church again and I liked how this angel looked with the iron fence in the foreground.

Cozyegg Designs 20090420

The scrimshaw for my Catherine Theron workshop came in the mail this week. These are made from old piano keys. They’ll be so pretty with my class pieces once I finish those.

Cozyegg Designs 20090422

Every night that I go to school I pass by this apartment complex that reminds me of a Southern plantation. This 365 project was intended to be a way to get me to take more photos and in some cases it was a reason to finally stop and take a photo of something I’ve been thinking about shooting forever. I was glad that I finally stopped the car and took a few shots. The flowers in the center of the drive are lovely.

Cozyegg Designs 20090422 3

I especially loved the running horse weather vane. Makes me think of the Derby.

Cozyegg Designs 20090422 8

I love my window office. It looks out onto a courtyard, and while I mostly end up watching squirrels, there is the occasional feathered visitor. This pair of doves spent a long time perched on my tree today.

Cozyegg Designs 20090423

And here’s another example of finally just pulling over the car and taking photos. I have wanted to get some bluebonnet photos for years and just never did. I pass this patch of them on the way to work. I finally just pulled over one morning and practiced a bit with my macro setting.

Cozyegg Designs 3 20090424

I’m so happy with how these turned out. And I’m so happy that I finally stopped the car to get some bluebonnet photos!

Cozyegg Designs 4 20090424

And to round out the week, on Saturday we went to Turner Falls, Oklahoma to celebrate our third anniversary. I was excited for an opportunity to take some photos outside of my normal stomping grounds. You can see them here.

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