Cha-Ching Cherry

7/26/09 – 8/1/09

Last week I…

  • finished my Earth Sampler. I just love it and had so much fun working on this one. The colors are lovely.
Cross-stitch sampler with the alphabet and numbers and animals and flowers
  • got a manicure. OPI Cha-Ching Cherry – one of my favorites. And I’m reading Drums of Autumn.
  • got bit by something that strangely resembles a vampire bite on my neck.
profile photo showing two marks that look like a vampire bite
  • wore my garnet ring that always brings back memories.
Woman's hand with bright pink nails and a garnet and diamond ring on the ring finger.
  • worked on Simple Things and tried to remind myself to keep it simple
fingers pulling a needle through fabric of a cross-stitch piece of a basket of flowers
  • fell in love with the bracelet I won on a blog giveaway. The seahorses are so dang cute.
forearm and wrist showing off a bracelet that is red with white polka dots in a grid pattern with green seahorses
  • noticed the crepe myrtle blooming in our front yard
view from inside through an arched window of the pink blooms on the crepe myrtle tree
  • and went to the circus. Photos from the Circus here.

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