Changing My Mindset

A crystal ball on a golden stand representing the Three Fates sits on top of two red leather bound books against a red background.  The word May appears in the top left.

Time feels so elastic these days. I suppose that’s for obvious reasons (Covid), and that the days tend to blur into one another. I spent the month continuing to indulge my love of reading, continuing to do my Mind-Stilling practice, and starting to look at other habits I wanted to encourage.

I read a post by Mel Robbins where she was talking about the reasons why it’s so hard to change your life and basically it’s because your mind loves what it knows, it can predict outcomes based on doing what feels familiar. Your mind will fight against anything it doesn’t know and will trick you into believing that thinking about doing something is the same as doing it. So the way to combat this is to start acting like the person you want to become. When your mind sees you taking that action, that action becomes what your mind knows.

a woman with a galaxy background and text that says "Feeling this jewelry stack today"

So, while I feel like my life has already undergone some major behind-the-scenes changes this year, I still have a ways to go. I decided one way I could start changing my mindset was to get dressed, put on makeup, and put on jewelry. Since I really never leave the house anymore, I really wasn’t doing any of those things. So, making a concerted effort to do it not only makes me feel better, but it starts changing my mindset about me being worth taking the time to do it. It actually is kind of surprising the difference it makes.

manicure with deep red polish holding a mirror compact with a bee on the front of it

I also am trying to get back in the habit of painting my nails. This one was one of my favorites, Essie’s After Sex.

I’ve been enamored with Bloodmilk Jewels for a long time, but for whatever reason this month I become utterly obsessed. I keep thinking I’d like one of their pieces for my birthday this year, since it’s a milestone birthday. But, how on earth am I going to narrow it down to just one piece? They’re all so good.

four crystals in shades of blue

My current carry stones – (clockwise from top left) black moonstone, celestite, dumortierite, and k-2. The K-2 is for migraine relief and peace, Black Moonstone is for protection and concentration, Celestite is for peace and relaxation, and Dumortierite is for staying true to one’s self.

At the end of the month, I got a promotion at work. My boss had been talking about making some changes the past couple of weeks, but I was really surprised when he announced it to the team that he was putting me into a new role. I’m nervous but also excited about it.

Publicity photo for The Nevers TV series

If you’re not watching The Nevers on HBO, you should be. I have loved every episode so far. It’s a little The Alienist, a little Penny Dreadful, a little Carnival Row, with some steampunk thrown in for good measure.

scene from The Nevers of two of the main characters

I’ll share what I’ve been reading this month in my next post.

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