Christmas on the Square

lamp post with garland wrapping around it and the gazebo in the background

On Saturday after my usual 3 mile walk, I decided to stop and take some photos at the Town Square. It was a beautiful day, and although the weather and the trees are still telling an autumn story, the square definitely felt like Christmas.

large Christmas trees around the gazebo

Even though I don’t live in any kind of quaint Prairie Home Companion-type town, the town square makes me feel like I do. Especially when it’s decorated for Fourth of July or Christmas.

decorated Christmas tree
closeup of Christmas tree

Don’t you love the big decorated trees?

gazebo with lights and garland around it

And I love the garland and wreaths decorating the buildings.

building with garland around the front columns
brick building with a large wreath over the windows and a garland around the windows

I’m so glad that I decided to stop and smell the roses today. It was a beautiful morning, and while the square was still quiet, I managed to take a few photos to share with you.

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