Clean Cup, Move Down

pink and white ceramic tea pot and a rose patterned tea cup and saucer

In December, a small group of friends got together for a tea party. The party was to honor one of our dear friends who was moving to Germany. We booked High Tea at a local tea room. I have never been to High Tea, but having a love of the art of Tea as well as those wonderful Victorian and Edwardian eras, I loved every minute of it. If I had been dressed better, I would have felt like I was in the midst of an Ivory-Merchant film.

We chose several different teas to sample, the pot in the photo above held some Cranberry Rose tea. Delicious, and appropriate for the season. I tended to stick with the Earl Gray, personally. With milk and sugar, as is appropriate.

rose-patterned tea cup and saucer with tea in it

The mismatched china was so fun too. I loved all the different tea pots.

white tea pot with white sculptural roses on it

Our hosts at the tea room spared nothing to make sure we were well taken care of and prepared with every possibility for our tea.

small plate with slices of lemon and a fork resting on them

And, then they brought out the first course. Little sandwiches on a pedestal. With the crusts cut off no less. Be still my heart. As well as I remember, there was wild rice and chicken salad, cucumber (naturally), turkey breast with cream cheese, and one other that escapes me.

tray of tea sandwiches

All on delicious bread, no less.

pink plate with four types of tea sandwiches

Next we indulged in scones and sweet breads. These were complete with Devonshire cream and fresh strawberry reserves (alas, I am allergic so no preserves for me). I believe we were treated to lemon poppy seed bread, cranberry walnut bread, cranberry scones and cinnamon scones. These were all melt in your mout delicious. And the Devonshire cream added just the perfect touch to the scones.

scones with clotted cream, a slice of lemon poppyseed bread, and cranberry walnut bread

And then onto the pastry course. A little key lime tart, with strawberry on top (mine was removed quickly thereafter), a little almond (I think ) pastry covered in powdered sugar, and a decadent little chocolate cake in the shape of a rose dusted with powdered sugar. So good.

pastries on a rose-patterned plate

We ended our tea by sharing memories of our friend, bestowing some going-away gifts on her, and many many photos of all of us together. It was such a lovely afternoon, and one I will remember fondly. I hope there are many more High Teas in my future too.

3 thoughts on “Clean Cup, Move Down”

  1. I have never been to a tea–looks lovely and I bet it tasted it too!! I also like Earl Grey–have you tried Lady Grey by Twinings Teas? Yummy!!!

  2. A girl after my own heart,lol i adore Earl Grey!
    And that tea looks so yummy, i have only been to high Tea onece before, (at the Dorchester in London!!)Me and my eldest daughter treated ourselves a couple of years ago, i would love to do it again, it's so decadent 🙂

  3. Michelle – thanks for the tip on the chicken from the deli, I will have to try that next time. Your blog is adorable!

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