6/7/09 – 6/13/09

Bunch of stitching photos this week, because I guess that’s where my head was at.

A good friend sent along this chart for me. She knows I’m planning a wall of Adam & Eve samplers, and this “old school” implied A&E is a great addition. Plus, I can never get enough of her handmade cards.

Cozyegg Designs 20090607

Earth Sampler. The sheep makes me happy.

Cozyegg Designs 061309 20090613

More of my MAGIC piece. It creeps along.

Cozyegg Designs 061309 20090613 2

And Mystery 9 – another creeper. But I love the bling. Working on the artichoke bed in the King’s garden.

Cozyegg Designs 061309 20090613 4

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