Curb Appeal

front of a house with lights on either side of the walkway

Like I said, Eric and I have been nesting lately.  Not sure what’s in the water, but I’m liking all the changes we’re making around the house.  Recently, he brought home some solar powered LED lights to put along our front walkway.  (Please pretend I had swept up the crepe myrtle blossoms off the walk before taking these photos – kind of the antithesis of curb appeal, I know.)

looking out to the street with the lights on either side of the walkway

The light on our front porch doesn’t illuminate very far and with no other lighting along the walk those steps were a bit treacherous in the dark.  I love the way the little lights look and they put out an amazing amount of light.

closeup of the lights along the walkway

I am looking forward to having guests over for dinner sometime soon.  Guess I’d better sweep that walk first though…

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