Double Date

poster for the movie Savages

Saturday, we got invited to catch a movie with Eric’s friend and the friend’s wife. When he called and asked if we’d be up for a movie, my response “I am ALWAYS up for a movie!”  This couple goes to see a lot of movies, so I was glad when they offered up Savages as a suggestion.  I’d been wanting to see it, but I haven’t made it out to the movies lately.  (There is a LIST of movies I really want to see right now!)  We met them over at the theatre for the 10pm showing.

Like I said, I absolutely love going to the movies, but it’s been a long while since I’ve been able to drag Eric out to one (National Treasure, anyone?)  I just love the whole movie experience ( minus people texting in the theatre – seriously?  what is that about?).  One of the things I love is seeing the trailers.  The two upcoming features that stood out to me were Looper and Tarantino’s The Man with the Iron Fists.

But, back to the movie at hand.  I really enjoyed Savages.  I may have had Tarantino on the brain after seeing that trailer, because after the movie we all agreed that Tarantino should have been the one to make this film.  It just needed a little more something.  But, I always enjoy Salma, and it was interesting to see Blake Lively outside of the Gossip Girl environment.  Although I can’t say that this character was remarkably different.

scene from the movie Savages - three main characters having dinner at a restaurant

And it was an interesting little triangle between these three.

scene from the movie Savages - three main characters sitting on the deck looking out toward the ocean

Plus I have to hand it to Aaron Johnson.  The image of that tattoo on his hip is forever emblazoned in my mind.  Yowza.

scene from the movie Savages - two male main characters walking on the beach in board shorts with a lightning bolt graphic pointing to the tattoo on his hip/adonis belt

But the film was good and I’m glad we saw it.  It was colorful, it was pretty, I kept expecting to see someone from the cast of Laguna Beach pop up.  All in all a good summer movie.  Plus Eric got his blue raspberry slurpee that he’d been jonesing for, so it was a win win all around.

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