Dreams of Travel

world map

Wednesday! I’ve been training my replacement at work this week (I’ve been doing two jobs for awhile now), and you wouldn’t believe the amount of walking I’ve been doing. We’ve walked all over this place repeatedly in the past three days. This morning when I passed by this world map I had to snap a photo for my post today.

For the past several months I’ve been jonesing to go someplace. And that got even worse when I read Elefantitas Alegres’ posts on her recent trip to Italy. Oh I miss Italy! And with our recent anniversary, it only makes me want to travel more.

I’ve even been thinking a lot about being a travel photographer. How cool would that be?! To experience new places and see new things (and take photos of everything!).

And since this year is a milestone birthday (it was a milestone anniversary too!) I’m dying to actually go somewhere to celebrate. I was hoping for someplace like Paris or Spain, but those may just be dreams. Plus, there was that whole drama with my family last year around my birthday, and you may recall that birthdays are rough for me anyway, so the allure of getting out of Dodge is strong!!

But it sure is fun to dream. And one day travel will be something we get to incorporate back into our lives. I can’t wait to take some more photos for our gallery wall!!

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