Fall Bucket List

Starbucks red cup sitting on a wooden bench with fall leaves

I’ve been remiss in reading blogs lately, but I was catching up a bit this weekend during my weekly manicure and stumbled across an idea for a post that I thought was fantastic (and timely).  I love the idea of a fall bucket list.  So here’s mine…

  • Get back to the gym
  • Kitten-proof the office
  • Take some fall photos
  • Make chili and cornbread
  • Visit the State Fair
  • Have our annual photos taken
  • Buy new chairs and enjoy the patio

What’s on your list?

2 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List”

  1. Can I give you a Winter one?…

    Workout 3-4 times a week on the elliptical.
    Take wallpaper down in kitchen and our bedroom.
    Repaint those rooms.
    Make curtains for the little girls’ room.
    Shorten curtains in all other rooms.
    Plan veggie garden.
    Strip old wax off kitchen floor.
    Have Yule party.
    Go for walk New Year’s Day with family.
    Cut back on portion sizes.
    Knit wrist warmers.
    Start quilt with Elspeth and set up her sewing machine.

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