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Years ago I started taking yoga classes at my work’s fitness center.  I loved yoga and looked forward to every Tuesday night.  Occasionally we had a substitute instructor, one of which had a rather heavy accent.  She also had this habit of constantly reminding you to “focus”, which from her sounded a lot more like “fucus”.  I’ll give you a moment to imagine.

I can assure you that it is rather difficult to maintain your pigeon pose while stifling a giggle.  But, it gives me something to think about when I am settling into cobra at 6am.  Why do we sometimes get so hung up on these resolutions for a new year?  Is it because it’s our chance at a do-over, a clean slate for a new start?  Is it because we look back at last year’s resolutions and wonder “who the hell wrote that”?  I’ve tried resolutions (because we all know I love a good list), and I’ve tried intentions, thinking that by removing the word “resolution” from them it will somehow help me to accomplish said intentions.  No such luck.

I’ve been successful here and there – like with quitting smoking, for example.  I did that 11 years ago and never looked back.  I also managed to get my finances out of the crapper five or six years ago, and they are still looking pretty good (job layoffs not withstanding).  So, somehow I manage to do pretty good with the big stuff, except for the elusive “lose weight/get in shape/be healthy/take care of myself physically” thing.  What’s the deal there?

Regardless, this year I’m giving myself two things to focus on – guidelines, if you will.

1. Focus on me

2. Cut down on the crazy

Now there’s a whole heap o’ goodness that could fall into either of those two categories, or both.  But, after assessing last year, I realized that I tend to not make myself a priority and sometimes that causes a lot of disappointment, hurt feelings, and adds to the crazy.

I also realized that I spend so much time “chasing my tail” that it only adds to all this chaos in my brain.  I’m cutting back on my commitments, I’m cutting down on the gift-giving, I’m trying to finish things I’ve started, I’m trying to declutter and simplify my surroundings, and I’m also paying attention to the company I keep.  I don’t need extra drama in my life – I can create it just fine on my own, thank you.

So that’s what I’m going to work on this year.  I’m gonna do some things I’ve wanted to do for myself (like learn how to take better photos), and try to keep the crazy factor at a minimum.  Of course part of focusing on myself involves working on my physical being and trying to rein in the crazy that’s going on there too.  So far, this year, I’ve seen some good losses on the scale and I’m working on some good changes in my approach to food too.  So, I plan to keep that good thing going.

And as you can see, I’m also on my way towards taking some better photos – I was really pleased with how these two of Othello came out (nobody mention his sprinkle of gray hair).

I’m looking forward to what this year will bring and how my new “guidelines” will unfold.

black cat taking a treat from a man's hand


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  1. Michelle! LMAO…fucus! Oh goodness I CAN imagine it. I would be giggling too! And might I say…YAY YOU!!! I love what you’re planning to focus on! Namaste!

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