Four Years

closeup of a white rose

Each year, the beginning of spring brings with it Easter, warmer weather, everything blooming and mine and Eric’s wedding anniversary. This year marks our fourth anniversary, and according to the list of traditional anniversaries the fourth anniversary is the fruit and flowers anniversary. I’ve attempted to find a gift for Eric each year that holds with that traditional list. For our first anniversary, I made Eric a photo book of our honeymoon (paper). He took the most amazing photos of Rome, that I felt I needed to do something special with them. For our second anniversary, I presented him with our wedding quilt (cotton). It was made out of the blocks we had our wedding guests sign instead of a guest book. And last year, for our third, I gave him a leather-bound Family History book (leather) that I look forward to filling with him. He’s been researching his family’s genealogy since we got married, and I felt it was important for us to begin writing our own history to add to it.

So, what to do for fruit & flowers? I finally opted to purchase something for our home. We’ve recently been reworking our living room and have finally branched out from decorating our home with something more than just the amazing travel photos Eric has taken on our adventures. We both have a love of maps (we even purchased two in the Bahamas which is where he proposed). When I saw this beautiful hand-tinted map, I thought it would be perfect not only for the fourth anniversary, but also as something for our home. Something we could appreciate and enjoy every day, just like each other.

framed map of Cuba

And to carry on with our fourth year theme, Eric made dinner reservations for us on Saturday night at Hibiscus.

Hibiscus restaurant with arched wooden doors at the entrance

The food was absolutely amazing, and we had such a wonderful evening together. We talked quite a bit about our honeymoon in Rome and wanting to return there someday.

interior of Hibiscus with a roaring fireplace and cozy tables

Here’s what we ordered:


Domestic Farmstead Cheeseboard (with Quince Jam, Local Honey, and Sourdough Crostini)


Burrata & Tomato (Burrata Mozzarella, marinated red & yellow tomatoes with EVOO)


9oz Prime Tenderloin (with Brown Butter Asparagus)

Roasted Liberty Farms Duck Breast (with Grilled sweet corn and bing cherry sauce)


Panna Cotta Crisp

We also had drinks with our appetizer and then some exquisite wine with our salads and dinner. Everything was heavenly, and while I hear the deep dish macaroni and cheese is the best, I was very happy with everything I ordered. It was a special treat and one I’m so thankful for.

And Eric bought me a little something I’ve been wanting for awhile…

two CDs - the soundtrack to Nine and Snow Patrol's Up to Now

We had such a lovely anniversary, and I can hardly believe four years have gone by. We still get anniversary cards from many of the sweet friends and family that attended our wedding. Our wedding must be a sweet remembrance for them as well, which really makes me smile.

red roses closeup

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  1. I'm so behind on blogging, just read this post now. Congrats on 4 years! Happy {belated} anniversary! Sounds like you had a great time celebrating. Glad to hear you are doing well. xoxo

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