Girls’ Day Out

shelves of perfume

A little while ago one of my closest friends was visiting from Germany.  We got together with two more girlfriends and had a lovely day out.  I took a few photos to record the day, and just wanted to share them.  First we went over to the mall and spent some time at the MAC counter.  I also wandered around at Chanel trying to find my elusive No. 19.

Then we headed over to a little antiques mall where we had a delicious lunch in their tea room.  I spied some sweet little vintage looking Valentine’s ornaments while we were there.

Valentine's ornaments - hearts, roses, cupid - all with sparkly glitter

And after lunch and a bit of wandering around the antique mall, we headed over to a new to me quilt shop.  I was in heaven when I was greeted at the door by some Tula Pink Parisville fabric (the pretty fans).  Some Parisville had to come home with me!

bolts of quilt fabric

It was such a decadently fun day and I loved my photos with all their pops of color, so I just had to share.  I’m so glad we all got to spend the day together doing very girly, very relaxing things.  I so needed that.

And since this post seems to be turning into an homage to Instagram, I thought I’d also share a photo from my guild night and the lovely Valentine’s Day cookies that were provided.

heart shaped iced sugar cookies

It hardly seems like it’s March already!  Where did the time go?

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