Green with Envy


The hot trend for Spring 08 is bright color, and no where is this more apparent than in the movies. The gorgeous green dress of Anne Boleyn in the one-sheet is amazing. But, of course, all the talk since winter has been about that green dress in Atonement.

atonement dress atonement film

When I saw the film with two girlfriends, I came away thinking it was the most depressing movie I’d seen in a long time, but that green dress was unforgettable. Just the sheer emerald green color of it in such a grey film was scintillating.

atonement dress 2

Just amazing.

atonement dress atonement movie

I am so mesmerized by the simplicity of this dress, although it is actually quite complicated in its wraps and twists. But, that color – color in films is one of the things I so love about cinematography and costume design. It can just make a scene or a character.

green gown atonement

And as I was contemplating and gathering my thoughts for this post, what should arrive on my doorstep but the InStyle color issue, with yet another green dress on the cover.

4 April 2008 567

I think I will definitely have to add this color to my wardrobe immediately!

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