Happy 4th!

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I’ve been focusing mainly on fashion lately in this blog, so I thought I’d take a moment and share a little bit of holiday decorating for a change. Life has been so crazy hectic lately, that focusing on my home has been way down on the priority list. I was reading through posts on one of my Yahoo groups the other day, and saw a gorgeous patriotic quilt someone had posted a photo of. I was immediately inspired to do a little decorating. Apparently, Eric was inspired too because he brought home a flag for us to put outside. Our house already had a bracket installed, so all we needed was the flag. I love how it looks outside against the crepe myrtle.

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Since it was a quilt that inspired me, I got out my Stars & Stripes table topper that has not yet been quilted. I decided it was just fine to use as a wall hanging in the dining room. I just took down the Kimono quilt and hung it on that same wall. I really should get this quilted! It’s such a fun piece, it seems a shame to have it languishing in a box.

This is a photo of the quilt that inspired me (though not the actual photo that did). This is Victory Garden by Jo Morton. I’d really love to make this quilt!

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Here’s another beautiful one, called Rally Round the Flag (also by Jo Morton).


I added a few more little touches around the house. Not a whole lot, just enough to make me feel like I was re-energizing our home a little bit.

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