Hawk Sighting

9/20/09 – 9/26/09

On my way to school, I saw this guy in the parking lot. He’s huge!

huge hawk in a parking lot

See what I mean? He was having a little snack and wasn’t at all bothered by me taking his photo.

huge hawk closeup

Got the stitching done for my workshop. I am in love with these colors.

cross-stitched alphabet in red with blue motifs

And some photos from the workshop.

fabric with red alphabet that looks like cross-stitch
scissors and paper templates on a cutting mat, a piece of fabric that has the words "In the soft scenes of youth when cares are small and few"

I almost hated to crack open my jelly roll of fabric.

jelly roll of fabric

Afterwards there were margaritas. The blurriness of the photo is in direct proportion to the size of the margaritas.

large schooner glass of frozen swirl margarita with a lime and a straw

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