Holiday Weekend Fare

bottle of Lemonade

One of the best things about a holiday weekend is being home with Eric – no school, no work, no gym, etc. And one of the perks about being home with Eric is his cooking. I take home-cooked meals with me every day during the week for lunches and dinners, but there is something to be said for having the food fresh and not microwaved. Saturday night Eric decided to make Moroccan Lamb Burgers.

lamb burger in a pita, pasta salad, chickpea salad on a plate

The recipe is one that my best friend made for me on my last visit to her in Rhode Island. I’ve since begged it off her and now it is one of mine and Eric’s favorites. The burgers are made with ground lamb and have a variety of amazing spices mixed in like saffron and cumin. We serve them inside a whole wheat pita and top with a yogurt and dill sauce and fresh tomatoes. Accompanying the lamb burgers tonight was some Greek pasta salad and a chickpea salad that had edamame and cranberries in it. OMG it was all so good. And that lemonade Eric found at Sprouts was killer too.

a few remaining bites of lamb burger, tomatoes, and ziziki sauce on a plate with a fork

Eric even went back for seconds on the burger. No pita needed, it’s good all by itself.

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