Inspiration Overload

basket of batik stamps

Whenever I find myself at Northpark Mall in Dallas, I make it a point to step in Arhaus for design inspiration.  I thought I’d share a few of the things that caught my eye, like these stamps used for batiks – both form and function.  They had them displayed in a large basket and also hung on a wall.

large batik stamps hanging on the wall

Eric’s been looking for inspiration for his nightstand/bedside table and finding that this seems to be a somewhat overlooked space.  Either it is your typical lamp and clock combo or it’s some sort of docking/charging station for all devices.  None of that was appealing to him.  But, we both loved the look of these leather accessories.  Definitely something we will keep an eye out for.

leather hatboxes and coasters in a leather tray

I have a strange weakness for decorative boxes and these are gorgeous.  And look at that coordinating tray too.  Yes, please.

black and white inlaid boxes and tray

One of the things I like about Arhaus is that they have some eclectic things that fit our world travel/collected over time aesthetic in our home.

a metal bell hanging on a wall with a wooden hammer underneath it

And look at that piece they’ve used as a focal point behind the bed.  Amazing.

decorative wall piece behind a bed

I’ve also been trying to find the perfect inspiration for a window shelf in our bedroom but failing miserably.  I like the look of the rolled pages in the large cylinder vases.

clear glass hurricane vases, two filled with lavender and one with rolls of sheet music

In addition to the more eclectic, travel-inspired pieces they also had an area devoted to Hollywood Regency style, which I love but sadly can’t seem to work it into my own home.  That pink sofa, black rug, and chandeliers.  Oh my.

pink velvet tufted couch, black bear skin rug, mirror and glass oval coffee table

This is a bit too modern for my taste, but I loved the idea of layering rugs to add more texture and interest.

sheepskin rug over a traditional woven rug underneath a coffee table

More rolled pages that add some interest.

rolls of book pages

Or sheet music as artwork?

wall of pages of sheet music

I liked the textural neutrals of the unbound books here too.

books without covers in a glass door cabinet

I loved the color of the three vases and the combination of the vases as centerpiece under that gorgeous light fixture.  It’s beautiful and industrial all at the same time.

teal green glass vases underneath a metal and glass industrial pendant light

A close up of the light fixture.

closeup of metal and glass industrial looking pendant light

I thought these mirrors were interesting with the huge grommets and the rope – hung or displayed more like a tray, both add interest.

oval mirrors with a hole in one end and a large metal grommet with a rope strung through the hole

I have to admit, this is my dream sofa.  I absolutely adore the tufted back and I have been jonesing after a worn tobacco brown leather sofa for our living room or even a smaller cigar room/den.

tobacco brown Chesterfield tufted leather sofa

Love the pop of red on this cabinet.

oriental decorative cabinet with red doors

Patterned pillows with large black tassels on the corners.

red and black embroidered pillows stacked

This fountain gave me dreams of a beautiful solarium or courtyard full to the brim with greenery and the meditative sound of the fountain.

fountain and pond

That table top.  I can’t even…

tabletop that looks like slices of large stones

Look at the interesting shutters – layered they add so much interest to a wall.

decorative colorful wooden shutters hanging on the wall

Hope you found some things that inspired you as well.  I look forward to going back soon to see what new things have been acquired!

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