Lemons Into Lemonade

Hard to believe it’s September already and we’re into our seventh month of staying home due to the pandemic.  I am still only venturing out for doctor’s appointments, although I am going to have to brave the post office soon because I have a stack of packages I need to mail.  Things are starting to open up more, but since there are so many people that refuse to wear masks or maintain social distancing, I’m staying home.  Of course, with August being my birthday month, it was a bit of a let down to not be able to go out for a birthday dinner or get together with friends.  But Eric brought me tacos from Rosa’s (drive-through) at my request and he baked me a delicious lemon cake with lemon icing.

lemon cake with lemon icing and blue and red sprinkles

Not much else going on here last month.  I did take a few days off from work around my birthday, which was much needed.  It was a reminder how much I value being able to spend my days on my own projects and not having to spend so much of my life at a job I don’t love in order to pay bills.  With the pandemic and staying at home, it seems the only difference between the weekdays and the weekends is that I don’t log into work.  Not much to look forward to, and nothing to break up the monotony.  What a gift it would be to be able to spend my days doing something I am passionate about.

Chapter 23 of a book (Frankenstein)

★ I’m still working my way through reading Frankenstein for the first time.  I’ve had this going since January when I finished The Bear & the Nightingale.  I’m enjoying it, and the language is really lush and detailed.  I just don’t find myself picking it up to read frequently or for any long stretch of time.

★ For my birthday, Eric ordered Midnight Sun for me.  It was on backorder, so it hasn’t arrived yet.  I’m hoping to get Frankenstein finished up so that I can dive in.

book cover for Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

★ With there not being much on tv, we did a free trial of CBS All Access so we could watch Picard and Star Trek Discovery back in June.  Both were excellent and rekindled my love of Star Trek.  So, when we ran out of things to watch we decided to watch Deep Space Nine on Prime.  We finished up the final season (season 7) around the end of August, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I don’t think I ever watched the last couple of seasons when it was on tv originally, so those were new to me.  But it was nice to watch something that was out of time and a bit of escapism.  Plus, Star Trek is kind of like comfort tv for me, which fit my needs perfectly right now.

Ramses (black cat) holding down fabric pieces

★ I did do a little bit of sewing in August.  I was supposed to go on one of my in town quilting retreat weekends back at the end of March, which of course never happened.  So, it’s probably been since late 2019 since I’ve done any sewing really.  I have a donation quilt I am making and I needed to get started on it.  Of course, I had Ramses helping me sew which is part of the reason I rarely sew at home.

I’m looking forward to fall weather and the end of the oppressive heat of summer.  That should raise my mood significantly.

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