Light-Filled Rooms

all white bedroom with large decorative windows

Recently, I’ve been feeling very frustrated about my home (see also number 3 on this list).  I feel so overwhelmed with the clutter and just sheer amount of “stuff” that it’s making me crazy.  We had a great team over to the house this week to check our house for energy efficiency and where we may need to replace weather stripping, etc.  I was so glad they were there, but my comment to Eric was “I hope they don’t call Hoarders on my ass”.  I know I’m painting a horrible picture here of my house, but it’s really only two rooms that are serious problem rooms.  The addition of two very curious kittens into the mix has left us just shutting the doors to both rooms.  I wouldn’t want 1) them to get hurt 2) lose them in there.  So, Eric and I are working on trying to deal with the issues in those rooms.  But, like I said, I’m frustrated with my home.  And I know that this is supposed to be my TILT post, and instead it’s become a what’s wrong with my house post.  But, stick with me…I’m getting to the point.

I think part of what’s bugging the hell out of me is the lack of light in my house.  It’s Texas.  It’s July.  We have not cracked open a drape or a blind in months.  Plus add to that my husband likes to exist in some sort of weird batcave-like existence.  The darker the better.  We once had a stand off that lasted three weeks over a burned out lightbulb because he simply “liked it better without that extra light”.  Seriously.

And I am all for batcave darkness when it comes to watching a movie, or trying to sleep.  But the rest of the time?  I want light-filled rooms!!!  My favorite places in the house are the ones that let in a lot of light (via skylight in one case so there’s nothing he can do about it bwahaha).

So, today for TILT, I thought I’d focus on something I love, something I’ve been missing, something I want to reintroduce to my home.  Light!

bedroom with a four-poster bed, a yellow and white quilt on the bed, windows on either side of the bed with colorful curtains, and a green velvet loveseat at the foot of the bed

Bringing light into a room, just gives it so much more energy. And since I tend to decorate with dark colors and dark woods, you need that light to balance it out.

two-story entry way with dark wood large double front door with large paned windows on the doors

I think the clutter too adds to that sense of feeling closed in, and when you couple that with having all the blinds closed/drapes drawn, I feel like a shut in. Especially at this time of year when the days are longer, I want to soak up every bit of it.

colorful living room with teal blue couch full of Moroccan patterned pillows in red, blues, green, and yellow

And adding energy to a light-filled room by bringing in the colors of the sea or living green plants, even rocks and wood – it just brings me a happiness that I can’t begin to describe. I am a creature of light and color, and I need to be surrounded by it in my home.

arched entryway with white columns, curved ceilings, and wood plank floors, double dark wood doors with windows in them

So, I think I have some things to look at in the way of a compromise to see how I can let more light and energy in while still keeping the house cool and not forcing my husband to wear sunglasses in the living room.  Any suggestions?

And since I spent so much time whining on this post, I think it’s only fitting to balance it out with what I’m grateful for this week:

  • Eric’s been watching Grimm with me in an effort to help me get caught up
  • Getting together with friends over the weekend
  • Finally feeling like I’m getting caught up at work
  • Kitten-proofing the house
  • An unexpected gift of candy corn earrings – I kid you not, they are awesome!
  • Date night at the movies

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