Living Colorfully

stack of colorful quilt fabric (Parisville by Tula Pink)

It’s been a heckuva week, starting with last Thursday.  Just lots of the crazy going on, lots of emotional upheaval and yes, even tears.  I had to have a little come to Jesus meeting with myself on Tuesday.  Today?  Things are much better.  And a lot of that is just because of refocusing my attitude.  Shit happens.  It’s what you do with that that matters.  So, on today’s TILT, I wanted to focus on something that brings me such joy.  Color!  With a degree in Art History and a love of art in general, there is nothing I love so much as color.  And when I’m feeling down in the dumps or stressed out, bringing a little happy color into my life is just the thing I need.  So, I thought I’d fill this post with some of the pretty.  Pretty fabric.  Pretty flowers.

colorful daisies - green, purple, blue, pink, orange

And even my manicure this week is full of bright summer lovin’.  I’m wearing my new Essie Fear or Desire.  This is not a color I ever would have chosen for myself normally.  I am not an orange girl.  But something just drew me to this one, and I’m loving it on.  I’ve gotten compliments on it too!

book cover of The Monuments Men with orange nail polish manicure hand on top

I love Kate Spade’s campaign on Living Colorfully – it’s a great way to bring some brightness and happiness into your life in more than just one way.  It’s about being adventurous and stepping outside of the box.  Even Eric steps outside of the box…

man's feet with black ostrich loafers and purple and black striped socks with jeans

Guess who picked out Thut’s purple collar?

black cat sitting on a stack of books wearing a purple collar

So, I’m glad that I allowed myself to refocus and get back into the groove of things, without fighting against the flow.

And as for what I’m grateful for this week:

  • Watching Hatfields & McCoys – it’s a really good little mini-series
  • Starting my new book for book club, The Monuments Men
  • A fun fun day with my friend, going to quilt shops and having a fantastic lunch at Spoons
  • Finally watching the season finale of Vampire Diaries – gasp!
  • My boys getting a clean bill of health from the vet
  • Crossing things off my to do list
  • Dinner at Fuddruckers with the camera club – excellent cheeseburger and chocolate shake!
  • A friend sending me some skull beads – I can’t wait to do something with them!
  • Rain bringing some cooler temps

Hope you have a fantastic week and don’t forget to Live Colorfully!

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