Living Room

living room with two blue couches, a coffee table, and a stereo cabinet

I’m back to show you more of my home, and to take a look at how this room looks now and what I’d like to do with it. This is the living room, which is where we spend the majority of our time. In the photo above, you can see that this room is right off the kitchen. In the photo below, you can see it is also right off the entry way. Over the couch are three photos that Eric took on our honeymoon in Rome.

living room with blue couch and photos of Rome over the couch

I’ve got more of my red in this room, with the pillows. I made the throw pillows myself. I wanted a sort of Moroccan feel to this room. The couch and love seat were a hand-me-down from my sister. I would dearly love to replace the couch and love seat with a brown leather maybe. This room (as is the case in many of the other rooms too) could probably use some window coverings, other than the standard mini blinds that were installed by the property owner. The entertainment center was my Grandmother’s. It is functional, but not necessarily what I would prefer. I would love for the stereo equipment to be hidden away. And the eggs on top are beautifully painted Japanese pieces. The coffee table was also a hand-me-down. It has more of an Asian look to it, which I don’t necessarily mind in here. I think the pillows underneath it need to go. They just look a little junky, now that I look at them in the photo. They don’t serve a purpose either, other than for the cat to sleep on. I would love to replace them with a Moroccan pouf or two, like this.

brown leather Moroccan pouf

I would also love to set out something like this as a decorative accessory.

silver tray with silver teapot and green and gold Moroccan tea glasses

I wouldn’t want this room to look like a Night at the Casbah, but just to have some accents, or touches, of Morocco.

blue couches and coffee table with bookshelves in the background

Looking back towards the loveseat, you can see the door to our “media room” and the hallway that leads to the guest bath, our office and the door to the garage.

fireplace and mantel with some crystal pieces on it

Opposite the couch, between the windows is the fireplace. The door leads out to our “patio”. The photo by the door is a photo Eric took of the Chicago skyline on our trip there last year.

I’ve got some work to do on this room, obviously. But, this gives me a good idea where to start. Any suggestions?

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  1. Maryam in Marrakesh

    I think Moroccan touches are an absolutely fantastic idea! I am designing some poufs now. What about adding more color with your poufs? Rather than brown?

  2. Hey There!

    I’m finally visiting your blog!!!

    Your house is soooo cute!

    Are you allowed to paint the walls? Because I think painting the walls would go SUCH a long way in making your Moroccan dream a reality.

    I loooooove the decorative pieces on your entertainment center! What if you painted the entertainment center, too? Maybe some warm color and then get some Moroccan-looking knobs? You know -something kind of dangly for the bottom doors? It could tide you over until you buy one you really want.

    You are a verrrrry talented person!


  3. Maybe paint the entertainment center and change the accents on it to reflect the Morroccan style you like. Adding curtains would go really far to jazz up the room, as well as getting an area rug to help you define the space in the same color scheme. I would make covers for the floor pillows and make them more in line with what you are looking for. Look into slip covers (the Fabric Place is going out of business here, and I don’t know if you have them there, or even if they are going out of business, but it would be a great time to buy slipcover fabric). It’s much cheaper than totally recovering furniture…. and washable.


  4. Your lifestyle or taste determines what the focal point of your living area is. If you have a fireplace, you can rearrange your furniture around it. Or if you have a piano, and this is the focal point of your living area, your furniture could be set around it. When rearranging your furniture, also consider traffic in your Living Room Decoration area. It is always good to arrange furniture in off-square angles. This makes the room warmer and more casual.

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