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Posting some randomness, just mainly because I feel the need to post.

I seem to be in a pink phase – all my recent posts have been pink.  This one is no exception.

I keep trying to get “caught up” with this blog, although I’m not entirely sure what I mean by “caught up”.  My dad died at the end of February and I haven’t blogged here about it – about him.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged at all…I feel like I should post something about him before posting anything else.  But I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it.

woman with dark hair sitting at a coffee shop table booth with books behind her and half-full glasses on the table. She is not looking at the camera and has her head resting on her hand

Some days I feel like I’m moving through it all just fine.  But then I realize that I’m having to push myself to interact, to socialize.  Most days all I can manage is looking at pretty photos on Pinterest and tumblr.   I find it soothing.  It’s like a Tori Amos song – it embraces me and allows me to just be.  However I am, I can just be.

woman with a pillow and a comforter in a bathtub  with twinkle lights giving off a warm glow

I have so much to say, so many things are swirling around in this head of mine – thoughts, dreams, regrets, hopes…and I can’t seem to get any of them out.  I’ll try, a little at a time.  Just forgive me if it comes slowly.

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