Master Bedroom Curtains

Dilemma: Our lovely and considerate neighbors have a light over their back door that they love to flip on and leave on for day’s on end. That light is bright, yellow, and shines right in our master bedroom window. Although we do have mini blinds in this window, it just doesn’t quite cut out the light. We are also renting this house, so I did not want to invest a large amount of money in a solution to the problem.

Solution: Although Eric was voting for the climb over the fence and deal with the light ourselves solution, I chose to go the route that was less likely to involve the police. Are ya with me on this? So, after careful measurements, we took ourselves to the mecca of inexpensive problem solutions – Target. I bought two panels in this gorgeous gray “raw silk”, that are lined. They were on sale for about $14 each. We bought a tension rod to use in the window by the bed. I felt this was the easiest way to get the curtain as close to the mini blinds as possible and cut out as much light as we could. We purchased a regular curtain rod for the other window (also on sale).

IMG 3003 Edit

I took the two panels and cut the length down to fit the wide window and then hemmed them. With the remnant fabric, I was able to make a panel for the small arched window. I hated to lose the architecture of that great arched window, but sleep won out. We just hung that panel high enough to cover both the arched portion of the window and the lower portion that is covered by a mini blind.

IMG 3002 Edit

I love how these turned out, and I am thrilled to not have to attempt to sleep with a spotlight in my eyes!

I’ve made some other changes in this room, as well as in the living room and entry which I hope to show soon! I’m really pleased with my changes!

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  1. Great job! We used to have a neighbor with a motion sensor light that would go off and on all night long – My husband wanted the ‘go over the fence’ method too. LOL! I can’t remember how we resolved it. Not with pretty raw silk curtains, I’m sure.

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