Midnight Sun

red nebula with the word "October"

October is my favorite month. I always seem to come alive in the fall, and this year was no exception (even though this whole year has been an exception). One of the best things to happen in October was that I rekindled my love of reading. Up until October, I’d basically read two books. Such a sad, sad state of affairs. But, Eric ordered Midnight Sun for me and I was saving it to start on October 1st.

cover of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

I am unapologetically a Twilight fan, and I was so excited to finally get to read Edward’s POV. I really enjoyed this book and love Eric for buying it for me. But after the dry spell my reading life had been experiencing, this book was exactly what I needed to spark that interest again.

cover of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer with a box and crystals in the background

So, so good. And I just can’t tell you how good it felt to want to pick this book up at every opportunity and read.

serpentine and bloodstone

Still carrying crystals in my pocket everyday too. I select them intuitively, as I feel the need to choose something different. Mid-month I was carrying bloodstone and serpentine. Bloodstone to heighten intuition and increase creativity, and serpentine for freedom from self-imposed limitations and connecting you with your true purpose in life.

black cat in a blue and pink cone on the back of the couch

Ramses had to spend a bit of time in a fashionable cone, unfortunately. He somehow managed to rip out three of his back claws. He was most unhappy with that cone. Luckily, he healed well and his claws have started to grow back in.

black cat sleeping on two plaid pillows

October was also a month of some much-needed focus on self-care. This month, that looked like painting my nails and trying to get more sleep.

manicure of Jade green polish

OPI’s Jade is the New Black is one of my favorite colors ever. And combined with my Bloodstone and Serpentine, clearly I was having a green obsession.

manicure of purple polish with orange flecks

Orly’s Fowl Play is what I chose for my Halloween mani. I love those orange flecks in there.

Dream Catcher essential oil

I was having some restless nights, and one night after only two hours of sleep I remembered I had this oil blend. I placed a couple drops on my forearms and that definitely seemed to help. I posted more about this blend over on my Cozylife blog.

cassata cake - whipped cream frosting with chocolate chips on top

October is also Eric’s birthday month, so I made him a twist on his favorite cassata cake. Usually I make it with pound cake, but instead I made it with chocolate cake. Basically, I layer the cake with cannoli filling, the frosting is whipped cream frosting, and then I sprinkled mini chocolate chips on top.

slice of cassata cake with four layers of chocolate cake and cannoli filling in between

It was so good.

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