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I do love a good mojito. For our first anniversary, we went to San Antonio and one night after dinner went to a bar that specialized in mojitos. So, each time we mix up a couple I am reminded of that wonderful weekend. And a few years ago when I saw these cigar band mojito glasses, I just had to scoop them up. I think I may have gotten an early start on my drink before I could even take this photo.

So, for the classic mojito here you go…


Muddle 12 fresh minto leaves and 1/2 a lime
Cover with 2 Tbsp simple syrup or 4 tsp sugar, top with ice
Add 1 1/2 oz of rum and top with club soda
Stir well and garnish with a lime wedge

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And to go with the rum loveliness, Eric made his famous Ropa Vieja. It is muy fabuloso! We accompanied it with brown rice and an avocado and tomato salad. So yummy! This is by far one of my favorite meals. Some homemade plaintain chips would have been a perfect addition as well. We sometimes pair the Ropa Vieja with Cumin-scented black beans, which is also amazing. Ok, now I’m getting hungry. Is it 5 o’clock?

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