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selenite towers with the word "January"

It’s been on my mind to get back on track with doing my month in photos posts, so I took some time yesterday to go back through my January photos.  Even though it takes me awhile to import and organize my pics, I really love doing these monthly wrap up posts as a way to document and share what I’ve been up to.

And the photo at the top of the post is my #monthlymarker from Instagram.  I really love using those markers in my feed because it’s kind of like a clean slate for the new month and also makes it super easy to look back and see where the month began and ended.  January’s marker featured selenite, which just seemed fitting for the new year.

So, here’s a look back at my January…

collage of photos including books, cookies, a black cat, the moon, and essential oils

★ Unfortunately, I came down with a cold on New Year’s Eve so my last couple of days of vacation and holiday-ing weren’t a whole lot of fun.  We spent New Year’s Day camped in front of the tv watching the Rose Parade and the NYE specials.  I was using ALLLLL the essential oils for immune and respiratory support.

★ I haven’t done a full tarot spread in awhile, I usually just do an intuitive pull of one card for guidance each week to help set my intention for the week (more on that in a post soon), so I decided to do a full spread for the new year and it was amazing what came up.  Can’t wait to share more about this!

★ Thanks to a business trip I took to Atlanta the second week of January, I was able to finish one book I had started reading over the holidays (Winter Street) and pick back up another book I’d set aside and finish it up too (Drawing of the Three).  I’ve got review posts for both of these coming too.

★ I joined a couple of stitching challenges for the year and one has already produced a finish of one of my WIPs and the other is Harry Potter themed and has been so much fun already.  As part of the challenge, we are rereading all the HP books throughout 2019 so in January I started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

★ I’m focusing more this year on paying attention to the moon phases and astronomical influences along with the seasons, so the January full moon was something I was very much looking forward to.  Not only was it a full moon, but it was also a supermoon, and a blood moon (full lunar eclipse).  My one photo of it is awful but I wanted to document the moment of Eric and I sitting outside under the stars, watching the eclipse, and talking.

★ I’m always so stinking inspired when I go to quilt guild and this month was no exception.  I was already thinking ahead to my quilt retreat the first weekend in February too!

★ I’ve been learning a lot more about crystals and have been selecting them intuitively each day, or as I feel I need them.  A few selections for January: stromatolite, stichtite, and rhyolite (rainforest jasper).

★ Chocolate chip cookies.  Enough said.

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