Mouth So Sweet

It’s a new year, new month, new theme for my monthly markers. Last year it was books and this year it’s tarot. And I started off the year with doing my Wheel of the Year spread again. My card for this year’s overview was the Five of Cups (Hearts), which basically is about letting go of the past. That negative emotions are holding me back from my fullest potential. I need to release them so I can move on and create positive change. That it’s time to shift my mindset and focus on what can go right and that there are so many blessings in disguise. I feel like this is right on track with me wanting to focus on clearing out this old stuff, old habits, old thought patterns, etc. It’s a good card for 2022.

New iPad in the box and new Apple Pencil in the box on a faux sheepskin rug

For Christmas, I got a new iPad and an Apple Pencil. My iPad mini was several years old and had very little storage space on it and was getting to the point of being out of support. So, I’m very excited to have this new iPad Pro and I got the Pencil because I wanted to switch over to a digital planner this year.

weekly spread in digital planner on iPad with Apple pencil next to it, a bowl of crystals, and a box with a cross-stitched Luna moth on top

I decided to go with the Modern Mystics digital planner by Hello Lovely Planners because it included a section for tarot spreads and moon rituals. It’s definitely taking some getting used to, making the transition from paper, but I’m loving it so far.

I attended a lecture on another Guillermo del Toro movie, this time on The Shape of Water with Susan from Professor of Words. It’s been awhile since I saw the movie, but it was so good. I highly recommend it. It’s very stylized and different and I really didn’t know what to expect going in. Again, I loved Susan’s information on the symbolism and use of color (or absence of it), and the costumes in the film. I’m a bit sad I missed out on the other lectures she did in this series.

slice of apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top on a plate with a fork on a quilt-covered lap

And we had the last of the apple pie, which I’m a bit sad about too. And we had to abandon watching Star Trek Next Generation because it’s no longer free with Prime and now you have to pay for it. No thank you. So, we went back to catching up on Wheel of Time and finished out the series. It’s so good. I really love the sets, they are beautiful and the colors are amazing. I really want to read these books now.

bottle of perfume oil from Black Phoenix Alchemy lab titled Mouth So Sweet So Poisonous and two small samples - The Night Raven and Grog

I have been obsessed with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for years and wanted to try their perfumes. I finally decided to pull the trigger and give one of their Halloween 2021 scents a try. After much back-and-forthing, I decided on Mouth So Sweet, So Poisonous. The scent notes are: A sugared venom, dark and sweet: wild plum and crystallized honey with opium pod, bourbon vanilla, and crushed poisonous berries. I mean, how could I resist that? And they sent along two imps for me to try. The Night Raven has scent notes of: Indigo musk, wild plum, rose geranium, benzoin, night-blooming jasmine, and patchouli. And Grog is the “scent of pirate rum”. I haven’t tried the imps yet, but I love Mouth So Sweet. I definitely want to try more of their perfumes and maybe get back to a place where I wear perfume more regularly. Just like wearing my jewelry, it’s something I want to do for me.

a bouquet of flowers

On the 13th, we had Eric’s mom’s funeral mass. The night before was the vigil. It was difficult to be around so many people after being around no one for the past two years. But, it was good to have some family there we haven’t seen in a long time. And it was a lovely remembrance of her. The best part of it was the slideshow Eric and his sister put together. What a nice way to remember all the good times.

a basket of plants

I brought home this basket from the funeral. I’m hoping I can manage to keep it alive. Plants and I don’t tend to get along, but I’d really like to change that.

a pile of clothes and hangers on a bed

As part of my focus on “clearing” for 2022, I started working on going through my clothes. I have so much that I don’t wear, and even more that I can’t wear. I’d like to have things in my closet that I love and I’d really like to only have one size of clothes in my closet too. That’s a big goal for this year. So, this was a good starting point.

an open box with tarot cards

As you may have noticed, with my purchase of the BPAL perfume, one of the other things I did in January was to take some of the money I earned on my Cozyegg Designs release and buy myself a few things I’ve really been wanting. The Anima Mundi tarot deck from The Creeping Moon is something I’ve wanted ever since I saw her start painting them on Instagram a few years ago. They are gorgeous and I am thrilled to finally have them in my hands.

three tarot cards with a crystal above each

And, of course, I had to immediately put them to use. The images on them are really extraordinary. I was also going to purchase her Nocturna Oracle deck, but it was sold out. I will definitely be ordering it as soon as it comes back in stock at her shop.

five packages of hand-made soap

A friend of mine (Ms Bathory’s Apothecary) recently decided to open her own shop to sell her handmade soaps. She sent me some of her “oops” cuts and I’m really excited to give them a try. I don’t think I’ve ever used handmade soap.

handmade soap that is black with red blood-looking drips at the top

This is the first one I’m going to try. The scent notes are: pink pepper, elemi, bergamot, grapefruit, cinnamon, saffron, paprika, tobacco, suede, and vetiver. So good.

Honestly, it felt really nice to be able to buy some things for myself. Wonder what February will bring?

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