2/21/10 – 2/27/10

So so so tired from Nashville. We got back Monday night (we drove). And I got right up Tuesday morning and went to work.

Sylvia brought these fantastic things to me from Germany. You literally cannot just eat one. OMG they were so good.

an open box of Mozartkugeln candy and some individually wrapped scattered next to the box

And I had to share these fabulous tags that my friend Laurie made. She sent these in her Christmas cards to her friends, but unfortunately mine got returned to her. She delivered them to me personally the last time I saw her. They are just wonderful. Laurie is such a talent.

Christmas tags - one a wooden tag in red that says Merry Christmas and one a glass framed tag with a red cardinal on a green background that says Tis the Season

I thought I’d share my necklace that we finished in Nashville. It is a stitched piece that is in a glass pendant frame. Love the red.

cross-stitch piece in a glass locket on a ribbon to wear as a necklace

Sylvia also presented me with this owl. I named him Claus.

a little owl made out of fabric sitting in the crook of a tree branch

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