2/7/10 – 2/13/10

We had snow again. It started during the night.

snow coming down against trees and a night sky

And continued on throughout the day.

snow-covered trees
snow-covered ground and trees
snow-covered trees
snow-covered trees

When I woke up the next morning, the world was still blanketed in snow. Such a rare occurrence in Texas.

tops of the snow-covered trees

The branches on our trees were so heavy with snow they formed this little enclave. I felt like I was in Narnia. Where’s Mr. Tumnus?

underneath a snow-covered tree with the branches weighted down with snow touching the ground
snow-covered trees

And Eric and I went out to take photos of the snow later in the day. We walked around the park behind our house.

snow-covered trees on either side of a path
a snow-covered bench on the side of the path and snow-covered trees
purple berries against the snow
snow-covered trees on either side of a path
green pine branches covered in snow
a branch with long wicked looking thorns against a snowy background
ice and snow on tree branches closeup
snow-covered ground and trees
tree branch with green moss on it, brown leaves and snow
brown leaves on a branch covered in snow
snowy banks and snow-covered trees on either side of a stream

It was so hushed and quiet. It’s one of the things I love about winter.

And Eric made me a snowball.

gloved hands holding a snowball
snow-covered ground and trees in the distance

Kids in Texas do not have sleds. So these were making due with pool floats, inner tubes, a laundry basket and even the cardboard box from a 24 count of beer.

kids sledding down a snow-covered hill in inner tubes and pool rafts
brown leaves on the snow-covered ground

Such a beautiful day. And it was even better because of the walk with my husband.

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