July marks the fourth month of being at home due to the pandemic.  I still only go out for doctor’s appointments, although with our cases continuing to rise I’m starting to question the wisdom of that even.  I’m really missing being able to go out to a restaurant for dinner and sit and talk and enjoy the food.  I miss seeing my friends in person.  I miss being able to run out to the post office or a shop to get something.  I hate having to leave the mail in the garage in quarantine for a few days before opening it.  I don’t love having to wear a mask when I go out or having to wipe everything down with alcohol when I come home.  I’m also really missing having time alone.  But, we continue to make the best of it and take the precautions we have to in order to stay safe and healthy.

So, let’s take a look back at July, shall we?

collage of photos including cake, crystals, a flat tire, dollhouse furniture, and a black cat

★ I took a few days off work at the beginning of the month and combined with our holiday for fourth of July gave me five full days away from “the office” (still working at home), which was much needed.  I spent some of vacation working on my haunted dollhouse project and planning out the rooms and what furniture could be reused from the pieces my grandmother made.  I’m excited to start looking at wallpaper and flooring options for my rooms now.

★ I also spent some time during the month doing some organization of my craft closet and it feels so good to get that more in order.

★ We continued, and finally finished, the deep cleaning of the house this month and I’m so glad we did.  I always appreciate how much better the house feels with the energy stirred up, but man it’s exhausting.  Maybe next year we’ll actually do our spring cleaning during spring when it’s not so hot.  And just so there’s no confusion, the photos above of the furniture mess is dollhouse furniture and not related to the deep cleaning lol.

★ We invested in some LED lightbulbs for a few different spaces in the house, one of which was our bathroom.  The light fixture (which we don’t love) has eight bulbs in it so that many bulbs makes it super hot in there.  By moving to LEDs we could lower the heat factor and update the look a little bit too.

★ Early in the month I was also feeling the effects of the full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse – I was feeling a lot of change, a shift in energy, and a simultaneous restlessness and expansion.  My intuitive selection during this time has been Blue Apatite for creativity, motivation, and personal power, and Serpentine for purpose, healing, and transformation.

★ Eric made lemon cake for the 4th, which was so so good and he got some hard apple cider to go with our burgers and hot dogs we had over the holiday weekend.

★ I’ve been thinking a lot about clearing out things that no longer serve me and focusing on aligning my daily actions with where I want to be.  I actually created a vision board for myself, which I haven’t done in several years, and I’ve been focusing on creating and moving closer to those goals.  More on that to come.

★ Near the end of the month, we tried to get a glimpse of comet Neowise, but alas weren’t able to see it.  I’ve loved seeing photos of it, like this one over Stonehenge.

comet Neowise over Stonehenge

★ The month ended with a bang, literally.  I had to go out for a doctor’s appointment and on my way home had a blowout of one of my tires on the highway.  Luckily I was able to pull off safely and get someone to come put the spare on, but it was definitely not something I want to do again.  Eric took the car the next day to get a new tire and you can see by the photo, this one was in really bad shape.

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