open-toed shoes with red toenails from above

Wednesday. I’m liking the fact that even if I can’t manage to get photos edited and blog posts written on a regular basis – there’s always the Wednesday blog-from-my-phone walk. It’s a good break in the week too.

Today, I didn’t wear the best shoes for trolling the halls, but I’m happy that they’re open-toed! And I finally gave myself a pedicure too, in hopes of warm spring weather, with Essie’s Style Berry.

Eric and I did happily do some movie-watching over the weekend as you can see in my list on the sidebar. I really enjoyed The Illusionist. So good! And I have plans to see a movie tomorrow night in the theatre (gasp!). I’m very much looking forward to that.

Meanwhile, I’ll eventually have Flamenco dancer photos to share, some fisheye lens photos and photos of the full moon from Saturday night. I just need time to edit!

Book club is Friday night too, so I’m hoping to finish this book up in time.

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