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As a birthday gift to myself, I bought these shoes. They are Lauren by Ralph Lauren and the style is Jala. I love love love these shoes. I’ve been searching for a pair of sandals in this color for several months now, but hadn’t found anything I liked. This is the most money I’ve ever […]

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Jessica Alba Style Inspiration

I love Jessica Alba’s style, and after recently re-watching both seasons of Dark Angel, I love her even more. She’s so fun and fresh-looking. Jessica has an everyday style in particular that I am really looking to for inspiration. She always looks cute and put-together, in jeans and a t-shirt or in a summery dress

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Elegy to the Spanish Republic 71

Black & White

Although the black and white trend seems to be prevalent in fashion right now, at least in my locale, the graphic beauty of its contrast is always in style. The painting above is Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 71 by Motherwell. This was painted in the 1950s, and it is still just as compelling

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7128092 master

Red Silk

Last night I held some red silk thread in my hand, and watching the way it caught the light I realized that I was inspired to create my first post – and a new blog. Red is such an amazing color – the color of happiness, the color of desire. A few years ago, I read the book Slammerkin, by Elizabeth Donoghue. It’s the story of a servant girl in 1763 who begins a life of prostitution because of her desire to own a single red ribbon. The ribbon encompassed all that fashion and high society had to offer in her eyes. It’s an interesting thought how a color can have so much impact on us.

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